Thursday, June 1, 2017

Oh my hubby

Thìs week is school holiday and the kids refused to go to daycare. So the father has to be Mr mama. And fatima is coughibg lot so the father feels like Fatimashud stay at home. I dont have any idea how the father gonna handle all four children but one thing remains mystery.. the house is seemed to be neat and the father does not look like a witch at all. Why if i am at home i look like maid and so acik kepam?

This morning we ran out of cooking gas. I already prepared stuff to cook and i asked the father to fry the spinach. Juz fry the paste and put the vege. Wheareas ginger is meant for chicken which i didnt manage to cook. I hope the father will not use the ginger yo fry vege.....
This is the reason i love you dear H.

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